Hi, I’m Jake,

and I believe in making modern technologies available for the little guy. It shouldn’t take five experts and tens of thousands of pounds to implement something that can be achieved with a little bit of googling and a pinch of patience. Throughout my time working with small businesses I’ve found that bringing big boy technology into the hands of the little guys can have a tremendous impact. Whether it be stock control systems, CRM databases, website design, virtual reality product demos or Amazon alexa skills.


Jake Howard is a designer and maker currently residing in Windsor, UK. Having recently graduated with a 2:1 in BSc Product Design from Bournemouth University, he has launched and scaled a new flat pack campervan furniture company. During this time he has developed and introduced a variety of business solutions to support the growth of the new company as well as the existing sister company.

Jake has always had a passion for business and has experience in supporting and scaling companies through their early stages. Eager to learn more about this process he is currently seeking new opportunities to help develop these skills along side learning new ones.