Exercise Tracker

This Alexa skill used the RPE (Rated Perceived Extertion) scale to help users track their exercise and work towards weekly goals. By utilizing perceived intensity the algorithm used to award points is able to create a level playing field across all fitness levels.

New Skill

There were no existing fitness tracking Alexa skills at the time this project was launched.

How I Built it

An algorithm is in place to calculate how many points each exercise is worth. This also handles a variety of database operations. Once the database operations are carried out, variables are used to fill one of 100+ possible responses.

e.g. “Awesome work! Only 124 more points needed to hit this weeks goal!”

Upon starting my latest Alexa venture, my coding knowledge was limited to say the least. I have previous Arduino, CSS and HTML background experience and was keen to add Node.js to my expanding skill set.

I started by creating a basic dream journal skill. The Dream Journal had very simple database operations that were in line with what I wanted to achieve but I wanted more. Once that worked, it was a case of changing the context of the skill and building out the necessary features. The Alexa code examples and Developer Twitch live streams were invaluable resources throughout the development of the Exercise Tracker.

All skill features were developed using AWS Services Lambda, S3 and DynamoDB.



Personal Project – Amazon Skills Contest

April 2015

Informational Video