A Start Up.

After graduating from the Product Design course at Bournemouth University, I received the opportunity from my placement company (Revampavan) to return and start up a new sister company.

The new company would operate out of the same workshop as Revampavan and would sell flat pack campervan kits to DIY’ers and other campervan converters.

Step By Step.

An initial pot of money was provided and from then on it was my responsibility to setup/register the company and begin development of the entire website and final product range.

Business  Development.

I took advantage of the small size of the business to develop a range of tools that would help ensure efficiency and quality as the company inevitably scaled over the coming months.

Using Microsoft Powerapps I developed a stock control app which allowed staff to checkout and input various components.

I also designed and developed a workflow and customer management application to be used across Revampavan and Kitline Design to keep track of customer details and manage the day to day workshop operations.

Complete Workflow.

Being the sole employee of the new business meant I was involved in every aspect of the business. From generating the initial sales to processing, manufacturing and dispatching each and every order. 


September 2018 – Present


Website Product Configuration Tool