“The Art Of Dots”

This a project I have been working on outside of university in which a machine I built and programmed creates mosaics from BB pellets commonly used as air soft ammunition.

The idea of this project was to challenge myself, things like coding, Arduino and electronics were topics I’d barley touched upon and wish I knew more about. This project involves all of that and more. I’ve been developing it on and off for a couple of years, often my financial situation has held me back while also a lack of time due to my studies.

The machine will create extremely unique pieces of art in which each pixel of the photo is represented by one of six colours of BB pellet.

The project was  inspired by a mosaic  in the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum, it was made from tens of thousands of pellets all hand fed into tubes. I knew I wanted one for myself but didn’t have the patience to do it by hand, thus this project began.

The pictures are renders of the final pieces and are a very accurate representation. Up close you can see each individual “pixel” but as  soon as you step back  everything blends together giving it the appearance of a printed image.

The average mosaic will be made up of around 200 8mm plastic tubes filled with BB’s, each one a meter in height and laid vertically. These can easily be customized to suit the image and/or space.

Close up of same image